• Local events 

Various events will be held at the local level. More information to come soon.

  • International conference

An international conference will be held in Paris at the end of september 2020. It will help us display the results of the project, as well as encourage the participants to participate in the dissemination of the project.

Various national conferences will also be held in the countries of the partners: Spain, Austria, Greece and Belgium. They should be held in October 2020

Multiplier events to present DIMPA project

January 19th, 2021|Comments Off on Multiplier events to present DIMPA project

It is time for Multiplier Events in different countries !!! After 24 months of hard work, the DIMPA project is coming to the end. At this time, given the impossibility of carrying out the Multiplier Events that were originally scheduled because of the COVID19, the different partners of the project are holding different webinars to present the results of the project to their local contexts. In the following links you can access the information about when these meetings will take place. Feel free to participate on them !   Information about the Multiplier Event in French ; German ; Spanish.