DIMPA Experience Webinar – online closing for our project

///DIMPA Experience Webinar – online closing for our project

DIMPA Experience Webinar – online closing for our project

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DIMPA Experience Webinar – Online Conference

The DIMPA Experience Webinar concluded the project of the same name. In response to the pandemic, we organised this online event. A conference that summarised 27 months of work by an international team.

We announced on this website that our closing event would be online, due to health restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This event did take place on 26 January 2021 at 6pm.

The webinar was recorded, and you can watch the full event on this YouTube video.

DIMPA Webinar: the video recording

DIMPA Experience Webinar: The conference process

We started by welcoming the participants.

Not only did they come from French-speaking countries such as France, Belgium, Canada and the Maghreb, but we were also surprised to discover participants from Italy, for example.

First, we recalled that the DIMPA project is a transnational experiment co-funded by the European Erasmus+ programme.

Secondly, we pointed out the origin of this project: partners of a previous project called the other institutions and proposed to collaborate on a MOOC about publishing technologies.

Then we remembered the main objective of the project:

Demystify these technologies by making them accessible to as many people as possible and by enabling them to appropriate the tools with which professionals are increasingly in contact in their daily working lives.

6 innovative technologies

We then recalled the 6 innovative technologies proposed in the DIMPA project MOOC:

  • the electronic book in epub3 format
  • augmented printed material
  • interactive video
  • immersive video (and the 360° virtual tour)
  • augmented reality (or AR)
  • virtual reality (or VR)

The different resources of the DIMPA project

The DIMPA project also includes free educational resources, made available to users (see the Resources section of this site).

  • The MOOC: distributed in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Greek and German)
  • reusable templates
  • explanatory sheets
  • Tools
  • the guide to implementing the MOOC in your training (published in epub format)
  • Open educational resources (such as the OER Padlet or the collaborative glossary)


We then presented the MOOC in 5 languages.

An innovative MOOC in that it :

  • was entirely gamified thanks to the Course Networking platform of Purdue University in Indianapolis
  • offered 4 different courses according to the interests and time available of the participants
  • proposed  a certification and a badge system to reward participation
  • took place in two phases (beta and first session 2020) and had 658 participants

DIMPA Experience Webinar - The MOOC Badges

The badges used in the DIMPA MOOC 

Testimonials from participants

The DIMPA Experience webinar closed with testimonials from two participants of the MOOC.

The recording of this event, as well as a set of links and a copy of the e-book (DIMPA Guide), were sent to webinar registrants, whether or not they attended the online conference.