About us

Digital skills are as important today as being able to read or write in order to remain employable in an always more digitized working place.

New technologies are often perceived as complex, expensive and reserved for some specialists and often cause reluctance or even anxiety when we are required to use or implement them within a company. Moreover, the lack of knowledge of easy-to-use creation tools increases the gap between the  “specialists” or “geeks” and the rest of the professionals.

In order to tackle this issue, we have created the first European training on the practices and tools in 6 main technologies involved in enhanced contents publishing and dissemination: EPUB 3, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Video 360°, Interactive Video and augmented printed materials. The objective is to provide learners with operational tools, enabling them to define a digital strategy within “specialists” or “geeks” and the whole of professionals.

Practically, the Digital Innovative Media Publishing for All project will gather:

  • A MOOC on the new technologies of enhanced content publishing
  • A toolkits on tools of production and database of resources
  • A reusable models
  • Explanatory sheets
  • A training implementation guide

In addition, we will pay special attention to make the content available for all in order to avoid leaving learners on the side. Therefore, the content that will be created will be designed to be adapted as much as possible for individuals with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD).

The DIMPA project is co-funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme, and implemented from November 2018 to October 2020 by 6 partners: Formation 3.0 (FR), LogoPsyCom (BE), Les Apprimeurs (FR), CEPS Projectes Socials (ES), BFI OOE (AT) and AKETH (GR).